10 on 10 ~ january

 I was asked to join a ridiculously talented group of photographers this year for a monthly project titled “10 on 10”.  Every month on the 10th, we each blog 10 images and link our blogs to share in a circle of inspiration. I am honored to have been asked and super excited to spread my creative wings. Photography took a bit of a back seat for me last year while I was getting to know Wyatt, and I am ready for 2013 to be full of creative growth.

So traditionally, the project calls for 10 images to be taken throughout a single day, one image every hour. But I’m a dufus and didn’t realize this until after I took my set of images! Thankfully we are free to bend the rules. I initially had the idea to shoot images of our house, but I knew there was no way I could limit that to only 10 (see previous post).. Then I came across a sweet image by Jude Wood of her daughter taking a bath in the kitchen sink. I have children. I have a big kitchen sink. Why had I never thought to do this? And so I cleaned off the counters, filled up the sink and plopped the little man in.  As expected, he thoroughly enjoyed it and I got a few gems of my dewy little man. *I should note, it was also painfully hard to limit these to only ten! I started out with 22 keepers and went through the lot, over and over, until I weeded out the extras.. Next month I may have to bend the rules again.


Now go visit Janine Coveney and keep the circle going!


14 thoughts on “10 on 10 ~ january

    • I have NEVER bathed any of my kids in the kitchen sink…I think it’s too late for three of them but maybe my two year old will still fit…love these SO much ashely. the light is gorg as always. I broke the rules too and posted too many.

  1. I LOVE these! I need to do this with Annabelle before she is to big for the sink. Perhaps it will inspire me to get the dishes OUT of the sink too! I love that last shot, especially Ashley! How lovely!

  2. First…#6 is my very very favorite followed by #9. Second…Dear Ms. Ashley you BELONG in this group…your photos are amazing. Never underestimate your talent…I think it comes from MoMo Hitt…you have her artistic eye for capturing that unique “something” in your photos. I am looking forward to following this “adventure” with you 🙂

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