a random day in january

I’m very inconsistent when it comes to taking pictures. often, life is just too all-consuming to worry about a camera. and there isn’t any time to upload or edit. or maybe my brain just can’t handle “something else to do”. so it happens that i’ll go many days without touching the camera; and then suddenly, the urge strikes. and it feels really, really good to take that old friend out for a spin, even if just for a few frames. .


7 thoughts on “a random day in january

  1. Ashley, Ashley, Ashley. You ROCK! I loved everyone, had to go back and look twice at all of them. My favorite is the book.. πŸ™‚

  2. Beautiful images as always, Ashley! Great to see you blogging. You are not alone with the inconsistency. I am perhaps the most inconsistent photographer of all. Sigh. Good luck with your move! xo

  3. First, I adore that mug in the second photo, it’s so cute!
    The way you captured the light cascading in through the windows is so pretty.
    Love real life posts like this. Beautiful.

    • I truly appreciate that, thank you. That mug is actually my great grandmothers and I plan on high jacking it from my Mom when we move out! My GG was a big coffee drinker and I always remember her sipping on a mug… πŸ™‚

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