Yana & Andrew

a year and a half ago we decided to give piano lessons to our 3 year old daughter.. and that was when miss yana came into our lives. she walked into the room like a beautiful breath of fresh air, rainbows and light dancing all around her. we instantly fell in love with her, and if you could meet her, you surely would too. i couldn’t have asked for a sweeter or kinder teacher for my daughter. so when she asked me to photograph her and her fiance, andrew, i was over the moon excited. they both radiated so much love and heart, and with the sun shining on that beautiful evening, well…it was just magic.

DSC_4952-2DSC_4953DSC_4959DSC_4961DSC_5079DSC_5102DSC_5104DSC_5180DSC_5171DSC_5241DSC_5263DSC_5284DSC_5285DSC_5333DSC_5370DSC_5377DSC_5415DSC_5423DSC_5424DSC_5430DSC_5436 b&wDSC_5460DSC_5484DSC_5503DSC_5523DSC_5521DSC_5520DSC_5548DSC_5551DSC_5562DSC_5587


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