destination: cocoa beach

we live only a few hours from the sandy shores of the gulf of mexico. it’s a shame i’ve never really taken advantage of this. my daughter, going on 5 1/2, has never had the pleasure of experiencing a “real” beach. so when the opportunity to join some family for a beach get-a-way arose, we jumped on it. only this get-a-way was on the atlantic side of florida in cocoa beach. i fell in love with road-tripping in my teenage years, but road tripping with kids? well, it wasn’t too bad actually. 12+ hours in the car was absolutely worth the giggling, gaggling bond between devyn and her temporary bff jayla. for nearly 6 days straight, they were like peas and carrots. my camera followed them a lot. and i am seriously aching for some more beach. so much beauty, energy and inspiration there. the colors, the wind, the smell of the ocean, the grit of sand between your toes and everywhere else.. early morning jogs on the smooth, hard sand just beyond the waves’ reach with the sun rising over the open horizon.. ahh there i go, off in beach dreamland again…

DSC_8164 DSC_8189 DSC_8196 DSC_8206 DSC_8225 DSC_8251 DSC_8256 DSC_8263 DSC_8275 DSC_8276 DSC_8291 DSC_8292 DSC_8294 DSC_8300 DSC_8301 DSC_8305 DSC_8307 DSC_8326 DSC_8350 DSC_8368 DSC_8374 DSC_8376 DSC_8379 DSC_8403 DSC_8409 DSC_8413 DSC_8417 DSC_8434 DSC_8435 DSC_8440 DSC_8460 DSC_8462 DSC_8467 DSC_8469 DSC_8473 DSC_8476 DSC_8484 DSC_8486 DSC_8491 DSC_8492 DSC_8497 DSC_8500 DSC_8503 DSC_8506 DSC_8511 DSC_8522 DSC_8529 DSC_8530 DSC_8545 DSC_8547 DSC_8567 DSC_8588 DSC_8589 DSC_8602 DSC_8603 DSC_8610 DSC_8612 DSC_8613 DSC_8616 DSC_8624 DSC_8626 DSC_8629 DSC_8634 DSC_8635 DSC_8641 DSC_8653 DSC_8658 DSC_8674 DSC_8675 DSC_8688 DSC_8698 DSC_8715 DSC_8728 DSC_8731 DSC_8737 DSC_8738 DSC_8739 DSC_8742 DSC_8748 DSC_8754 DSC_8759 DSC_8767 DSC_8771 DSC_8785 DSC_8789 DSC_8795 DSC_8800 DSC_8803 DSC_8806 DSC_8811 DSC_8819 DSC_8822 DSC_8823 DSC_8828 DSC_8837 DSC_8842 DSC_8847 DSC_8876 DSC_8877 DSC_8881 DSC_8884 DSC_8886 DSC_8893 DSC_8898 DSC_8899 DSC_8901 DSC_8902 DSC_8902a DSC_8902b DSC_8902c DSC_8902d DSC_8902e DSC_8902f DSC_8902g DSC_8902h DSC_8902i DSC_8902j DSC_8902k DSC_8902l DSC_8902m DSC_8902n DSC_8902o DSC_8902p DSC_8902q DSC_8903 DSC_8908 DSC_8920 DSC_8925 DSC_8926 DSC_8930 DSC_8931 DSC_8935 DSC_8947 DSC_8954 DSC_8955 DSC_8963 DSC_8966 DSC_8967 DSC_9148


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