10 on 10 ~ March


morning time is my favorite time.


tallula sleeps buried under the covers with devyn. once you wake her though, she goes from 0 to 60 in seconds.


feed the herd.


off we go to school. since moving, this requires an hour’s drive (round trip). i enjoy it though. gives me plenty of uninterrupted time to listen to NPR. never thought i’d say that.


drop wyatt off at meg’s so i can jog the trace. he eats cranberries with gretta.



back home, awake from nap.


waiting for devyn to get off the bus at granny's house.

waiting for devyn to get off the bus at granny’s house.


getting the wiggles out at meg’s before the commute back home.


thanks for sharing in my day… now head on over to see what sara garcia has to share..


19 thoughts on “10 on 10 ~ March

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  2. I love that image of your son framed by the entry to the porch- so hard to to capture that exact moment, but of course you nailed it! All of them are superb!

  3. i absolutely adore that last photo ashley… everything about it is so beautiful! your school run sounds like ours… we do 30 mins each way which equates to around 2 hours in the car but i really enjoy chatting with audrey and by the time we get home i know everything that happened in her day!

  4. Dear Ashley. I love them all. You use of light is amazing…and you do have such a gift of making ordinary moments, extraordinary! I can’t stop staring at each picture and taking it all in. XO

  5. ashley, every time i see your work i am just awe struck how something that is so simple becomes alive and beautiful. you have this gift, no doubt to turn these moments in to art!!

  6. somehow you’re able to make us pause and really look. each image tells a beautiful story and my eyes dance around each frame, taking it all in. i love that about your work, ashley!

  7. what may seem like an ordinary day, looks so extraordinary here- love, love, love that beautiful light- you are so talented at capturing it!!

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