Tallula’s Best Part of the Day

2013 began with lots of changes for our family. in preparation for our big move cross-country, we put everything in storage and moved in with first my mom, then my in-laws. our big dog milo went to my granny’s, where he has promptly been stolen for his superior canine companionship. which left our little dog, tallula, sadly alone. gone are the days when she had a large, fenced in yard to run wild in with her buddy. 😦 now she sleeps most of the day, buried in a sea of fluffy down. no doubt, the best part of her day is our afternoon ride to get devyn off the bus at granny’s. sometimes she gets to run free in granny’s fenced yard with her old friend milo. sometimes, if it’s raining, she just enjoys the ride.



15 thoughts on “Tallula’s Best Part of the Day

  1. are you kidding me? now I have serious stage fright. This is beyond great. Seriously! Grabs at my heart and such beautiful light and point of view in each frame.

  2. This is wonderful Ashley! wow, so many amazing expressions captured here. contentment, excitement…LOVE! wow. love your framing on several of these as well. every one of these photos does such a great job telling your story.

  3. Now..you KNOW I love your photos..but THESE ARE SERIOUSLY AMAZING! I can tell a difference since you started taking Molly’s class..Your ROCKING it girl!!!! Excellence.

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