destination boise

our house-hunting trip to boise was a success! we were able to find a charming and spacious home in a great neighborhood, just 3 doors down from our friends kalley and josh. the weather was mild, sunny and dry. we got to explore the city and all of the surrounding parks and neighborhoods, visit some of jon’s family and meet some of his new co-workers. boise is such a beautiful city and i am so thankful for this opportunity! i intended to photograph the entire experience, but once we got there i couldn’t help but to soak it all in fully and ditch the documenting… to all of my friends and family- if you’ve never been to boise, it is a must-see and we have extra bedrooms! xoxo

DSC_4701 DSC_4710 DSC_4739 DSC_4745 DSC_4760 DSC_4793 DSC_4803 DSC_4830 DSC_4871 DSC_4884 DSC_4885 DSC_4909


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