maw is loved

my friend steph has a maw. maw is 88 years young. born december 18th 1924, she is a mother to 5, grandmother to 9, great grandmother to 6, and had a hand in raising many of them. married to the love of her life for 69 years, widowed for 1. and now, living with alzheimers in the best way possible; at home, ringed with friends and family who keep her going with continuous care, support, love and most importantly, humor and play. my friend steph has sacrificed part of her own life for this and i really, really admire her for that. like being a mom, it’s a job that doesn’t really end; giving when you are running on empty, staying strong when you feel you cannot. as moms, we get to watch our children blossom and become more independent. caring for someone with dementia isn’t quite the same, is it? all i know is that in this house, maw is loved and cherished in the best way possible. and THAT is awesome.

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“What greater thing is there for human souls than to feel that they are joined for life – to be with each other in silent unspeakable memories.”  ~George Eliot


5 thoughts on “maw is loved

  1. incredible documentary photography, Ashley! Wow, I’m just so impressed at the emotion and artistic perfection in these images. Huge props! And how lucky the family is to have these beloved images to remember maw:-) ya done good, girl!

  2. I have to say my favorite two images are where maw is alone in her bed and then in the next frame her daughters I there. I loved seeing her knick knacks and photos of her family. And when she is getting her hair done it’s like her personality came out a little. great job with all of these!

  3. ashley I just think this post is so stinkin’ beautiful. I just love your perspective in some of these shots. It just makes me yearn for photos of my Grandparents now. What a beautiful gift you have given your friend…

  4. The last image brought tears to my eyes. These are so powerful and beautifully documented. The honesty in this set is heartbreaking and simple. Makes you truly see the importance of this moment here.

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