7:00 pm – wyatt easily and peacefully goes down for the night.

7:30 pm – devyn eagerly prepares for bed with a warm bath.

8:00 pm – both children are sound asleep, dreaming of sugarplums until they wake up at 8:00 am.

i think we all know what i’ve just written is nonsense but sometimes you get an evening that is close enough 🙂


DSC_7500 DSC_7515 DSC_7525 DSC_7560 DSC_7569 DSC_7578 DSC_7613 DSC_7623 DSC_7648 DSC_7677 DSC_7700 DSC_7711 DSC_7726 DSC_7728


2 thoughts on “bedtime

  1. I agree with Ginger! I was SOOOO excited to see a post from you!!!! And as always, I love your vision. I adore seeing your world through your eyes. You have a magical capture each and every time, please don’t ever stop sharing it with us 😉 Oh and btw..I almost puked in jealousy when I read your opener..cause I only WISH I could be close to your close LOL TYGHEMVILLE aka KooKooVille: Up at 6am, down at 9:30pm (at the very least) NO BREAKS, NO NAPS, and lots of crankiness. ahhhhhhhh xoxoxo 🙂

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