weekend at Redfish Lake

wildfires are blazing all over idaho. on our way to the sawtooths last weekend, we drove through a lot of smoke, not knowing where it was coming from exactly and not sure if we would have to turn around and head back home. we drove for hours, eventually finding a spot to camp just before twilight. when we woke up the next morning, the smoke had cleared and the day turned into magic as we rented a boat and explored beautiful redfish lake. the day ended with dinner, smores around the campfire and we even had a deer hanging around our camp that evening. sadly, the day after we left, a wildfire broke out around redfish lake, burning over 300 acres before being subdued..

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3 thoughts on “weekend at Redfish Lake

  1. looks so beautiful ashley, hope your settling into your new life. maybe see you all at meg’s and paul’s wedding.xomel

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