10 on 10 ~ August

“happiness, not in another place, but this place… not for another hour, but for this hour.” -walt whitman

this summer has been fruitful. i am suddenly living the life i’ve always dreamed and gratitude has given me a renewed perspective. instead of endlessly harboring on the difficulties of my life (which are still plentiful!), i’m learning to be content with all that i have. summer days that used to feel dreadfully long catering to the children have felt wonderfully full. days spent enjoying easy mornings, backyards, fruit bowls, childhood, friends, sprinklers, books and ginger rum. i’m thankful for these days.

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Next up is Ginger Unzueta, who inspires me in every way. Prepare for a lil’ bit of awesome..


8 thoughts on “10 on 10 ~ August

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  2. you seriously KILL it with the in home lifestyle!! They are just gorgeous. I loved every single one. My favorite is your little guy all alone in his high chair. 😉

  3. you really do have the best eye for capturing real life. it comes so naturally to you because it’s who you are, i think. and that’s what i love the most about you! 🙂 you rock.
    i’m so happy for you that you’re living the life of your dreams!!!!

  4. so happy you were back in the circle this month. i adore your work ashley. thank you for your sweet words as well. i feel blessed to know you and am enjoying getting to know you more and more. these are wonderful, you capture the realness of home always in such a unique special way. xo

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