childhood unplugged ~ october

i was asked to participate in a monthly photo challenge titled “childhood unplugged”. the goal is to encourage creative, outdoor family bonding activities, with no electronics allowed. technically, my nikon d600 is an electronic, and when i am in photo mode it’s like i’m not even present, wholly focused on viewing the moment instead of experiencing it. like the yogi in deep and transcendental contemplation, i become one with the camera. nevertheless, i liked the idea, so devyn and i took to the hills on a cool and overcast autumn evening. my face was glued to the camera for most of our hike, but that didn’t dampen her excitement one bit. she happily chatted away, skipping next to me, giving me random hugs and saying at least a dozen times with the most heartfelt sincerity that she just really, really loved me so much. ♥

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6 thoughts on “childhood unplugged ~ october

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  2. Oh girl, I couldn’t agree more. I’m like a ragging lunatic when I’m in photo mode. Just this morning I snapped a pic of Van on Hooper’s bed (I posted on instagram). My husband came running in yelling at me because he was about to fall. I could have cared less… anything for the grams. Safety becomes a second priority. I’m totally that girl that’s going to die by being run over by a truck because I was in the middle of the road trying to get “the shot”. In any event, I suppose it’s better to get out into the world than it is to hide behind our camera all day at home, right? And also, super stoked to be inadvertently collaborating with you.

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