the malones

the happiest moments of my life have been the few which I have passed at home in the bosom of my family.

– thomas jefferson

DSC_1862 DSC_1870 DSC_1904 DSC_1905 DSC_1908 DSC_1909 DSC_1912 DSC_1936 DSC_1937a DSC_1937b DSC_1938 DSC_1950 DSC_1957-2 DSC_1972 DSC_1975 DSC_1976 DSC_1982 DSC_1984 DSC_2001 DSC_2008 DSC_2015 DSC_2020 DSC_2037 DSC_2039 DSC_2042 DSC_2043 DSC_2057 DSC_2064 DSC_2073 DSC_2079 DSC_2096-2 DSC_2100 DSC_2104 DSC_2116 DSC_2125 DSC_2127 DSC_2139 DSC_2141 DSC_2152 DSC_2162 DSC_2205 DSC_2208 DSC_2209 DSC_2210 DSC_2211 DSC_2220 DSC_2255 DSC_2256 DSC_2277 DSC_2283 DSC_2284 DSC_2291 DSC_2305 DSC_2312 DSC_2318 DSC_2326 DSC_2332 DSC_2350 DSC_2382 DSC_2400 DSC_2401


10 thoughts on “the malones

  1. You captured the essence of true joy-a family; working, playing, and loving! My grandsons are so beautiful! The Malone’s are very lucky to have such great neighbors and friends.

  2. shut it! this is an amazing session!! i’m truly falling in love with your photography (even more than before)

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