the Kaleidoscope Project~January


i have a small alarm and his name is wyatt.






devyn does the same thing you do first thing in the morning.


even with his ridiculously fluffy winter coat, biscuit prefers to watch the cold from inside.


here is my recipe for baked oatmeal muffins: 90% chocolate chips, 5% oatmeal, 5% soymilk. enjoy.


they are enjoying.



waking the man-bear.


passing the time indoors, directly in front of a space heater.

or soaking in the hot tub.

or soaking in the hot tub.



she manages to argue her way into our bed, once again.



another day, another blessing. good night, everyone.

For 2014, my group of 10 on 10 friends and I have decided to switch gears and collaborate on a new monthly project titled “the Kaleidoscope Project”. Basically, we post whatever we want once a month and then cheer each other on because we love photography! Yay! This month, I chose to highlight a very uneventful, lazy winter Sunday at the Wilsons’.

Up next is Janine Coveney, posting all the way from Queensland, Australia…


7 thoughts on “the Kaleidoscope Project~January

  1. Stunned. I can look over and over. How did you do those cool light trails?! I love everything you share with us.

    • Maria, you just need to set a longer shutter speed, then hold still for a sec after you click the shutter, then swirl around however you like. It was fun to see the different outcomes! Give it a try!

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  2. it might have been uneventful but its real life and i know i want to remember every single moment! yippee to committing to another year together shooting and sharing monthly… heres to inspiration and more artistic growth!

  3. we must meet someday….these blew my mind, love the tripiness of them, reminds me of college. 😉 seriously though your works moves me to many beautiful artistic levels. I just adore it!!

  4. I love this series, Ashley. It looks so cold. I love the one of Wyatt, peeking over the top of the jacuzzi – I bet it’s hard to get out of it in that weather! Biscuit looks all sleepy and warm. What gets me every time about these simple moments is how precious they will be in years to come. Jx

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